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Luxury Learning Yacht Tia Taylor 2


Financial Literacy for Yacht Crew

How Can We Help You

Luxury Learning Yacht Tia Taylor 3

Dynamic crew development for group and individual growth

Luxury Learning Yacht Tia Taylor 4
Crew Workshops

Personal growth with a focus on immediate self-development in a group setting

Luxury Learning Yacht Tia Taylor 5
One on One Sessions

Distinct plans to build a better financial future


Lauren C.

Tia was such an amazing asset to my family and me. Prompt, eager to work & trustworthy are just a few of the traits that made us know she was the perfect choice for the job. Anyone able to work with her company will not be disappointed!

Kris G.

Tia has transformed the way I think about money. Her advice is grounded in reality and allows me to reflect on decisions I am making. I am in a financially better place because of Luxury Learning.

James T.

Working with Luxury Learning has been life changing for me. In a time of transition, Tia has provided the stability I needed to help prepare for a financially secure future. I value the insight she provides on a personal basis as well as the measurable steps that I follow for me to reach my specified goals. She holds me accountable and as a result my finances have never been better. I am very thankful for her partnership and continued insight.

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