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  • Is the company flexible to sporadic Charter schedules?

    • Yes! We understand that there will be busy moments and we can work together to adjust session times to fit your schedule.

  • Does Luxury Learning profit off of recommended platforms or 3rd party websites?

    • No, Luxury Learning’s goal is to provide quality information to you without monetary bias.

  • Will I have to open an investment or savings account?

    • No, there is no goal to get you to open a certain account. No matter what service you pick the goal will be to educate you (and your crew) on money management. 

  • Do you help with investing?

    • Yes! Investing is a very important and Luxury Learning will help you pick the best investment type if that is what you need. 

  • Can I sign up for less than a year with 1 on 1 sessions?

    • Yes! The minimum is 3 months, but after that you can continue the sessions for as long as you feel needed. There is a 1 month notice needed if you decide to stop the sessions. 

  • Do you share my information with anyone?

    • It is listed on the contract that your information will not be shared. If we want to use your information, we need your consent.

  • What if I am unsure if I need your services?

    • Set up a free 15 minute inquiry meeting. We can talk about what you are looking for in your financial journey and how Luxury Learning can help. 

  • Are there any discounts?

    • Yes! Team trainings with groups over 20 will receive a discounted rate. If multiple trainings occur on the same trip, the travel expenses will be split. Also, One on One sessions paid annually receive a month free.

  • What locations do you service?

    • We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but service nearly anywhere a plane can go! Team Training are held onboard your vessel.

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