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Luxury Learning Yacht Tia Taylor

Why Luxury Learning

  • YOU (crew members) are in a wonderful position to set yourself up financially for the rest of your life. The best part is that you can do this while also enjoying life through traveling & fun experiences. The only thing you need is to learn HOW! We provide that knowledge, and the information is individually tailored towards each crew member..

  • Financial Literacy is Crew Wellness!! Our team training will improve you and your crew’s life. When the team understands their finances, they have higher decision making skills and financial peace. This is a benefit that will help you with crew retention because they see the advantage in staying with your program and your dedication to their wellbeing.

  • We give you real answers instead of concepts! Working with us will provide you with an immediate return on your investment. We also know money management is more than numbers! It’s a mentality and we teach that as well. Out of all the training that is provided to crew, Financial Literacy is the #1 area that is missing! We want crew to have the complete training they deserve.

  • The goal of this company is to educate you to make your own intelligent financial decisions. You can pause or stop sessions as needed.

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